Cubes where you can win stuff (ex. Cybermons, Gems, Evolution Discs, Energy or BP fillers,...)
Found Where?
Sorts of Lucky Cubes
Field Cube-A

Field Cube-B

Field Cube-C

Field Cube-D

Field Cube-E

Cube field
Bamboo Forest Cube-A

Bamboo Forest Cube-B

Bamboo Forest Cube-C

Bamboo Forest Cube-D

Bamboo Forest Cube-E

Cube bamboo forest
Bug Forest Cube-A

Bug Forest Cube-B

Bug Forest Cube-C

Bug Forest Cube-D

Bug Forest Cube-E

Cube bug forest
Valley Cube-A

Valley Cube-B

Valley Cube-C

Valley Cube-D

Valley Cube-E

Cube valley
Graveyard Cube-A

Graveyard Cube-B

Graveyard Cube-C

Graveyard Cube-D

Graveyard Cube-E

Cube graveyard
Underwater Cube-A

Underwater Cube-B

Underwater Cube-C

Underwater Cube-D

Underwater Cube-E

Cube underwater
Lost City Cube-A

Lost City Cube-B

Lost City Cube-C

Lost City Cube-D

Lost City Cube-E

Cube lost city
Cave Cube-A

Cave Cube-B

Cave Cube-C

Cave Cube-D

Cave Cube-E

Cube cave
Volcano Cube-A

Volcano Cube-B

Volcano Cube-C

Volcano Cube-D

Volcano Cube-E

Cube volcano
Snow Cube-A

Snow Cube-B

Snow Cube-C

Snow Cube-D

Snow Cube-E

Cube snow
Temple Of Evil Cube-A

Temple Of Evil Cube-B

Temple Of Evil Cube-C

Temple Of Evil Cube-D

Temple Of Evil Cube-E

Cube temple of evil
Temple Of God Cube-A

Temple Of God Cube-B

Temple Of God Cube-C

Temple Of God Cube-D

Temple Of God Cube-E

Cube temple of god
Mansion Of Darkness Cube
Lucky cube
Winter Castle Cube
Lucky cube winter castle
Guild War Red Cube

Guild War Green Cube

Guild War Blue Cube

Guild War White Cube

Guild War Black Cube


HNY Coin Cube

HNY Energy Cube

HNY Gold Cube

HNY Master Cube

HNY Skill Book Cube

1st Anniversary Holy Cube
Lucky cube 1st anniversary holy
1st Anniversary Darkness Cube
Lucky cube 1st anniversary darkness
HCNY Gold Cube
Lucky cube HCNY gold
HCNY Coin Cube
Lucky cube HCNY coin
HTNY Master Cube
Lucky cube HTNY Master Cube
HTNY Energy Cube
Lucky cube HTNY Energy
Lucky cube HTNY BP Cube

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